“I’m not playing anymore, you’re cheating,” Jacob screamed, sending the Cluedo board flying, pieces scattering like confetti across the carpet.

Scarlett looked at the miniature candlestick, as her brother stomped into the kitchen. Hhhhm, Miss Scarlett in the kitchen with the candlestick.


This post was originally written for the Yeah Write Gargle Blaster challenge 156, but the grid filled up so quick I missed out! This post has been submitted to the Yeah Write Moonshine Grid 156 instead.

The question this week was ‘Who dunnit?’


6 thoughts on “Cluedo”

  1. I know the grid was full by the time you tried to enter. Feel free to add your link in the comments of the post. Otherwise, I hope you link it up on Friday to the Moonshine Grid.
    And don’t forget the challenge grid! No moderation in honor of yeah write’s 3rd birthday!

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