Rollin, Rollin, Rollin ….

My new toy arrived in the post yesterday and it’s going to be my muscles’ new best friend. I’ve been eyeing up one of these for a while, finally giving into the urge to hit the ‘buy now’ button earlier this week. So ‘The Beast’ has arrived. That sounds like some dodgy sex toy doesn’t it? But it’s nothing quite so exciting – this is my new foam roller. Aptly named, as it’s going to beast my sore over-used muscles into submission.

20140516_112144I’m finally back in action, after a couple of months of muscle recuperation, and with a busy summer of races ahead the training is on! This time I’ve had a eureka moment and realise I need to change my philosophy. I now know, without good foundations, I’m going to set myself up for nothing but problems. I’m taking it slowly, easing my mileage up gently, whilst religiously stretching for at least ten minutes every day. Now I have my new muscle pounder to throw into my daily routine.

It’s one of those masochistically enjoyable past-times. It hurts like hell, but it feels good all at the same time. I paid about £15 for my one and that’s got to be a financially sound investment. At £40 a pop for a session with the sports massage therapist, I’m hoping this is going to keep the professionals at bay and save my bank balance at the same time.

20140516_111411There are a great range of exercises you can do with it, which work all those pesky muscles and I’m definitely feeling some relief from it already. Let’s hope long-term this helps me get back on form ready for the season ahead. And with three weeks in a row of races in June (Summer Wolf, Water Wipeout and Trailblazer) I’ll be needing all the help I can get!

I just need to get it back off my little boy, as he’s taken a bit of a shine to it. 🙂

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