The Bell Tolls

I’m back to take on the challenge of Rochelle Wisoff-Field’s Friday Fictioneer’s writing challenge. The photo prompt for this week is:


Dong ……

The ringing is muffled by the damp moss forming in the cracks of the stone. I wait for the screams to start.

I hear the sound of footsteps, a heavy bolt scratching against metal…then light erupts in. I am frozen with fear, not daring to move. A dark shadow enters the doorway and a bowl of congealed food is thrown onto the floor. Not a word is spoken and just as quickly he is gone.

The screams start. They make my blood curdle. I let out a sigh of relief …. I will hear the bell ring again.

18 thoughts on “The Bell Tolls”

  1. How awful to have to live like this-in constant fear of death-yet what a relief to know that it was not their turn as yet-one day at a time!Great take on the prompt:-)

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