Day 12: I’m a bit obsessed

thVGCDOCS6It’s Day 12 already of the Fitness Blogger 30 day Writing Challenge. And today it’s all about that sensitive subject – weight! 🙂

‘How often do I weigh myself?’

I know it’s recommended to only weigh yourself about once a week, but I ignore the advice and get on the scales pretty much every morning without fail! I’m even worse now I have started the 5:2 fasting diet, as I want to monitor every little weight fluctuation! I ‘ve even been known weigh myself twice a day on occasion! It’s a bit obsessive I know, but I find the daily weigh-in psychologically motivating. It ensures that I don’t let things slide too much! I have spent many a year battling my relationship with the scales, but right now I’m quite happy being obsessed – roll on tomorrow morning for my next check-in!

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