Trapped – Chain Writing Game – Week 7 Episode 10

chain-writing-gameI thought the idea of this was pretty cool, so thought I would jump in and take part!

Kerrie Salsac has set up a writing challenge, which involves different bloggers writing 100 words each of a story. The great thing is we have no idea how the story will shape itself, as the power is out of our hands once we have played our part. Check out Kerrie’s page for more information on how to join in.

In this weeks story, Hugh is imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit, the murder of his wife.  A lousy lawyer and a dirty judge resulted in death row but Hugh escaped and is on the run.  Come follow the story or better yet,  help us write Trapped. Here is my contribution:

Trapped – Episode 10


‘It’s good to see you Sarah. You’re looking great.’

‘You look like shit! Come on, let’s get out of here before anyone sees you.’

Hugh followed Sarah to the car, whilst anxiously looking around. As he sat in the car and buckled up, he realised he had no idea where she was taking him. He was putting a lot of faith in this one woman, someone he hadn’t seen for years.

‘You ready to go?’ a mischievous smile crept onto Sarah’s face. She slammed her foot on the accelerator and the car raced off down the road.

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12 thoughts on “Trapped – Chain Writing Game – Week 7 Episode 10”

  1. Welcome to the gang. This first entry is great. I like the way you add doubt that Sarah is there to help. Her character could swing either way now. Keepin’ it interesting. I like that.

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