Day 3: Vitamins and Supplements

It’s day 3 of the Fitness Blogger 30-day writing challenge. And today it’s all about supplements:

‘Do you take any vitamins or supplements? If so, which ones and why?’

vitaminsI do take a few things at the moment. Actually, sometimes I feel like I should rattle when I walk! 🙂 Currently, I am using the following:

Multi-vitamins: nothing special, just some cheap standard ones out of Tescos! I am trying to be a lot better with my diet and currently eat loads more vegetables and fruit than I ever used to. But with all the running, and a tendency to not always get my 5-a-day, the vitamins are my contingency plan!

Iron supplements: these were prescribed the doctor as my iron levels are low (though I am not anaemic). This is a short-term supplement for a couple of months to give my body a chance to build the iron back up to normal levels.

African Mango supplement: someone told me it’s supposed to be good for helping to lose weight. So, what the hell, I need all the help I can get! 🙂

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