Who’s signed up for Jantastic – I know I have! I really must stop finding running sites to sign up to, or I’m going to end up spending more time logging and blogging my runs than I do actually running!!!! 🙂

That aside, think it’s a great way to keep motivated through the winter months. I am aiming for 4 runs per week for January! It starts TODAY!

Come check it out … we can even be ‘rivals’!!!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Jantastic”

    1. Think it’s a great idea – there seem to be quite a few people signed up as well, which is brill. I have just signed up to the Run Mummy Run team (#RMR) – they have a great, supportive facebook page going on – and even happy for women who are not mummys to join! 😉 Didn’t realise there were so many teams on the go! Looking forward to seeing everyone’s logged miles. Best of luck. x

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