Starting as I mean to go on ….

Well 2014 is well and truly here and to be honest I think the New Year has done something funny to me!!!!! It was like the New Year fireworks went off not just on the TV, but also in my head; kick-starting some weird motivational feelings that I have never experienced before! But it’s all good – I’m revved up and raring to go! 2014 doesn’t know what’s going to hit it!

scalesAfter the excesses of Xmas (of which there were plenty!), I was feeling bloated, uncomfortable, lazy, fat and generally pretty crap. I had also started neglecting my running a bit and I was starting to miss it, so I really wanted to get a grip of my whole diet and exercise regime. The big challenge for the New Year though is to lose 5 ½ stone in weight – so I have signed up to Weightwatchers online and I am underway. This isn’t the first time I have attempted Weightwatchers, but it is certainly the most motivated I have felt about it and I have been sticking to it rigidly for the past week. I was even seen snacking on carrots at a party buffet (much to Rob’s (the other half) amazement!) – how I managed to resist the cocktail sausages I’ll never know! But it paid off – first weigh in after week 1 and I am 4 lb lighter! Just gotta keep it up.

So, anyone who knows me well, knows that I don’t do things by half. In fact I could probably be described as a bit obsessive at times! 🙂 So when I stumbled upon this whole 101 challenges in 1001 days it was right up my street. Rob nearly fell off his chair laughing at the mere idea of it – but as I pointed out to him, I have already completed 1 challenge off the list already – I have set up my website blog! So, ha! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!!!! 🙂 And I’m sorry to say Rob that your suggestion of a blow job a day for a month didn’t make it onto the final list!!!! 🙂 (Typical man!)

I will apologise now to those who have little or no interest in running – but I am afraid it is a bit of a passion of mine, so there will no doubt be a few bits of running orientated waffle along the way! I’m feeling good about being back out pounding the streets again, and am feeling very hardcore as I have braved the rain and winds to get my running fix! I am also signed up for my first race of the year and have booked into the Reading Half Marathon in March. My friend Rachel does it every year, so I thought it was about time I tagged along.

Me coming over the finish line at Mablethorpe Half Marathon 2013
Me coming over the finish line at Mablethorpe Half Marathon 2013

My first half marathon (Mablethorpe, last October) nearly killed me – so I am determined not to underestimate this one and put plenty of miles in beforehand! Also, with a grande finale finish in the Majedski Stadium with thousands watching – I don’t want to be crawling over the finish line like a complete fat knacker! 🙂

So I’ve clocked up 12.22 miles this week (which all helps towards the challenge of 1000 miles in 2014) and I’m feeling good for it. I’ve found some great community forums as well – all full of other like-minded runners. A few of them (Tribesports, Facebook page ‘run mummy run’ and Facebook page ‘1000 miles in 2014’) are just fab and the people are so friendly. I feel like I am part of the community already after just a few days, and it is so nice to see other people just as passionate about their running – saves me boring all my family and friends quite so much! And Tribesports is great for challenging yourself. I have just completed the challenge of 10 push ups a day for 7 days and am underway with the 31 day challenge to do a pull up (I think I might wee myself with excitement if I ever manage to succeed on that one!). For those of you who haven’t heard of Tribesports – they are not only a community forum, but they develop community designed running clothing and have a really interesting concept going on. I might have sneakily treated myself to post-xmas pressie of some of their running capri pants. They arrived the other day and are lush – simply the best fit and so comfortable. I might have to get a few more goodies from them in the future (don’t tell the OH!).

So, the planning has started – although Reading is booked, there are so many more races I am hoping to do this year. My super organised spreadsheet of what I want to do and when is underway …. so watch this space! Just need to see what other mad souls I can rope in as well!

I also wanted to say that I am quite chuffed by how many people have dropped by the blog to take a look already. The support has been great and means so much in helping me along the way. So thank you and I hope you keep following.


CHALLENGE COMPLETE – Set up and publish blog

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