Spring blooms

Winter seemed reluctant to release its hold. My bare feet soaked up the warmth of the log fire as I snuggled under the fur blanket to keep warm. It’d been a long, grim winter and the snow drifts had been plenty. For much of the season we’d been holed up alone in our log cabin, unable to escape. We’d stocked up prior to the worst storms hitting, but supplies were running low and we were waiting anxiously for the snow to start thawing. Toby had ventured out this morning, hoping to get some essentials we were desperate for. He’d been gone for hours and I was beginning to worry. I had no way of contacting him and was unable to go out searching in my current state. I opened up a book in an attempt at distraction and started to lose myself in the pages. Before long, I could feel my heavy eye-lids begin to droop with the wave of tiredness that washed over me. I let myself drift into a much needed sleep, welcome for the release.

I awoke with a jolt to the slam of the heavy door and was relieved to see Toby entering. Small icicles had formed on his eyebrows and he shivered himself out of his icy clothes. Carrying the bag over to the fireplace and sitting down next to me, he excitedly shared his finds. Meat from the butchers, fresh fruit from the greengrocer and bread from the bakers were among the delights that now littered the floor in front of me. I could feel my stomach rumble at the sight. ‘Hang on, I got something special for you,’ Toby said as he reached his hand into the bag one last time. I love surprises and felt the excitement mount. ‘Oooh, what is it?’ The edge of the light-weight knitted blanket was pulled out and I squealed with delight. It would be perfect for spring.

Not only was I willing spring to arrive for the sunshine and pretty blooms, but for the birth of our child. It was our first and we were excited to see what we would be blessed with. I hoped that a winter of discontent would surely lead to a spring of new beginnings.

This post was written for submission to the Yeah Write Speakeasy Challenge Grid 157. The post had to start with the sentence ‘winter seemed reluctant to release it’s hold’ and the photo prompt this week was:

8 thoughts on “Spring blooms”

  1. I like the setting of this story. Part of me thinks it would be great to hole up in a cabin for an entire winter, but the part of me that likes lattes says, “No way!”

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