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It’s oh so quiet ….

Looking at my sleeping toddler, spread akimbo over the sofa, I could well be referring to the blissful quietness in my lounge right now. But I’m not! My silence has been deafening of late …..

I must apologise for dropping off the face of the planet for the last couple of months. I started back at work full-time and in amongst the madness of trying to juggle that and family life, everything else fell off the agenda. My running ceased, my weight crept up and my comfort eating went into overdrive – bad combination.

But I am back … with a vengeance. It was that, or be dissected by my ever shrinking jeans! I am pleased to announce that the diet has been rekindled and I am now down to the lightest I have been in over 4 years! I am no longer classed as ‘obese’ (although I struggled with fitting into that bracket to start with) and am now simply ‘overweight’ – losing 17 lbs over the last few weeks already. Just another 52lb to go! 🙂 And the best thing … I have the running bug again, which is probably a  good thing, given I have the Great North Run to complete in little over a month.

And so, it’s time to get back to the writing too …. watch this space! 🙂


Sweet 16

Every morning without fail, I get out of bed, strip off my pyjamas and weigh myself (after going to the toilet of course – every pound counts!). The results of the bathroom scales can make or break my day and I think it might be verging on an addiction. I know I’m losing weight, but the scales sometimes tell a different picture as my weight jumps up and down like a yo-yo – especially before and after fasting days (I’m doing the 5:2 Fasting diet). This morning ritual can be disheartening at times, causing me to lose track of my overall weight loss.

I’m a bit of a wham, bam kinda girl! I like to see results quickly, or I tend to lose interest. I know I’m in it for the long haul this time – trying to lose a whole load of weight – but I don’t want to lose motivation too much along the way.

Last week, I popped into Sports Direct to invest in a cheap pair of tracksuit bottoms for my new Pilates classes. Unsure of my size, I headed to the changing room with a selection. I thought an 18 (UK sizing) might be a safe bet, so that’s where I started. Ooooh, I think they might be a little on the large size – dare I try the 16 to compare? Wow, the 16 fitted perfectly – I had to prevent myself from doing a song and a jig in case anyone witnessed it!

This is the first time I’ve been in a size 16 since pre-pregnancy – we are talking about 4 years here. At the height of my largeness, just after giving birth, I was a size 22. When I think about this I realise how far I’ve come. It puts it all in perspective and reminds me maybe I shouldn’t put so much faith in the scales after all.

This post was written for the Yeah Write Moonshine Grid number 151.


The 5:2 Fasting Diet …. bring it on!

5:2 dietWell, as many of you know I am a woman on a mission – trying to lose about a third of my total body weight! I will be a skinny minny yet, I tell you!!!! 🙂 Having methodically followed the Weightwatchers diet since the beginning of January, I have managed to lose 11 lbs in weight so far. I am really happy with this, but my problem has always been ‘staying on the wagon’ so to speak – and the last two weeks I have well and truly fallen off of it!!!!! After a period of illness, friends visiting, birthday celebrations (my 3-year-olds), too much naughty food and not enough exercise the scales were starting to tell the tale! My other problem is fickleness (god knows how I have managed to stay with the OH for 13 years!!!!! :)). In need of a new burst of motivation, I decided it was time to try a change of diet plan. Which leads me onto the 5:2 fasting diet.

I’m sure lots of you have heard about it already – in fact I think I am a bit behind with the times on this one! But the basis is you fast for two non-consecutive days of the week and then eat what you want for the other five. I have been reading a lot of good reviews about this diet from various people and when my friend lost 3 lb after her first day of fasting, I was starting to think I might be missing out on something! So, I have jumped on the band wagon!

I quite liked the sound of this diet as I find maintaining a diet for a long period of time very hard. And when I get waylaid it knocks my motivation for six. The fact that I only have to effectively ‘diet’ for two days of the week, should theoretically be easier for me to stick to. The premise behind intermittent fasting is that it mimics our pre-historic ancestors eating habits, i.e. feast and famine. Modern habits have apparently made our metabolisms sluggish and this diet is meant to kick-start things back into action!

I invested in the book by Dr Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer, which claims to be the ‘original 5:2 diet’. After a full-on reading session Wednesday night, I was all set for my first fasting day on Thursday. The good news is that fasting doesn’t mean ‘no food at all’, just that you can’t consume more than 500 calories (600 for men)! I was sceptical to say the least, knowing how much I love my food! So after a smoothie for breakfast, it was a long old wait til my next feed at dinner (salmon, tender-stem broccoli and a poached egg)! It was hard. I was starving … and I drank so much green tea to try to stave off my hunger it was ridiculous. But I did it, without eating my arm, and the following morning I was 4 lb lighter!!!!! I have since put on a pound or two, but it is already making me think more about what I am eating. I am also more aware of real hunger versus eating for the sake of it. The sadistic side of me is actually even quite looking forward to my next fasting day on Monday. After all I do like a challenge! Though I am hoping it will be easier the second time round. And the best thing, my equally obsessed friend is also doing it too, so we are able to compare weight loss and/or gain at least twice a day!!!! 🙂

I’m looking forward to posting on here again soon with lots more news of my ever decreasing weight!!!!!!! Fingers crossed! 🙂

Out of the 15 stone club!

I’ve had another great week on the diet. I weighed myself this morning and I have lost another 2 lbs. That’s a total of 10 lb all together, and the best thing – I am now out of the 15 stone club!!!!! Just another 4 stone 11 lbs to go to target weight. Bring it on!!!! 🙂

Apparently I am EXTREMELY adorable as well! Unfortunately it wasn’t actually a compliment I received! 😦 Just my horoscope for 2014! Which, with comments like that, is of course scarily accurate!!!! 😉 I am going to hold my hands up and admit to stealing this idea from someone else’s blog – thank you FiftyFourandAHalf! But I couldn’t resist when I followed the link and checked out my ‘VERY ACCURATE HOROSCOPE FOR 2014’. Oh and it does say that I will have 4 years of bad luck if I don’t share it … I don’t want to tempt fate after all!

So, apparently this is me …..

scorpioSCORPIO – The Addict (October 23 to November 21)
EXTREMELY adorable. Loves to joke. Very good sense of humour. Will try almost anything once. Loves to be pampered. Energetic. Predictable. GREAT kisser. Always get what they want. Attractive. Loves being in long relationships. Talkative. Loves to party but at times to the extreme. Loves the smell and feel of money and is good at making it but just as good at spending it! Very protective over loved ones. HARD workers. Can be a good friend but if is disrespected by a friend, the friendship will end. Romantic. Caring. 4 years of bad Luck if you do not share this post.

…. and it is scarily quite accurate.

EXTREMELY adorable … well naturally (I wish!)! 🙂 Good sense of humour – well I think I’m funny! I do tend to use humour a lot though – after all life is too short to be deadly serious all the time! I will try almost anything once ….. once upon a time maybe, but I am a bit more conservative in my old age. I am still game for a lot of things though and don’t shy away from most challenges! Love to pampered – a chance would be a fine thing (you listening up Rob?!). Energetic – that’s debatable – I could do with a bit more at times. Predictable – yes, I am a creature of habit! 😉 GREAT kisser and attractive – I’m taking votes on that one?! 🙂 Always get what I want – well I haven’t won the lottery yet! But I do tend to be a bit of a ‘dog with a bone’ when I want something, so people probably give in a lot of the time and let me have my own way for a bit of peace! Loves to be in long relationships – well Rob and I are coming up to nearly 14 years together now! This is fairly accurate to be honest, as my shortest ever relationship was 2 years! A comment in my year book when I finished sixth form was; ‘check out all those rings’ – alluding to various rings I accumulated from ‘serious’ boyfriends throughout my school years! I love to party and can take it to extremes at times – to be honest I am much more of a home bod. I’d rather be watching the telly with my family than out partying the night away. However, on the rare occasions that I do get out these days, I do like to push the boat out a bit (the last cocktail party is proof of that!). 😉 Talkative – it has been known (especially after a glass of wine)! I am caring and romantic at heart – but I don’t bother with the romance nowadays as the OH doesn’t appreciate it!), and I am fiercely protective of the ones I love. I have a few close friends and I am very loyal to them. But I do have a tendency to hold a bit of a grudge, which has ended more than one friendship in the past! 😦 I do work hard – in fact I can get a bit too absorbed in things at times! And as for money; I love having it, I love spending it and quite frankly I am always skint because it flows through my hands like water!!! An old boyfriend’s father once said to me that ‘saving is deferred spending’ – perhaps not the wisest thing to say to a 20-year-old me, as it has formed the basis of my life mantra ever since!!!!! I would love to be better with money, but I am a bit of a lost cause – lets see how long it takes me to tick off challenge number 10 (save £1,000)! 🙂

Would love to know what you think of your own horoscopes! 🙂

Oh, look what came in the post this morning – my racing number for the Mizuno Reading Half Marathon – there’s no turning back now!!!! 🙂 reading half marathon number

I have actually been a bit achy this week to be honest, which has held me back a little bit with the frequency of my running. I think I am still partly paying the price for last weekend’s run. So, yesterday I decided maybe I should do a nice bit of stretching instead. I heard that Yoga can be good for runners, as we often suffer with tight leg muscles (which my calves can contest to!!!). I found this great yoga work-out on Runnersworld and it felt really lovely to stretch everything out a bit. I would highly recommend it – but probably not with a toddler trying to climb on your back throughout!!!! 😉

yoga for runners
CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO – Essential Yoga for Runners


BLEURGH – that’s how I feel about today! I’m not feeling very inspirational I’m afraid, in fact I think it’s safe to say that I am in need of a big kick up the bum! I know it’s natural to have the odd ‘off’ day, so I’m attempting to keep things in perspective and hoping to start tomorrow with a fresh burst of motivation. But for now, it’s time for a good old moan!! 😉

I think my over zealous run on Sunday has sent my body into protest! I had a couple of rest days afterwards, then headed out for a slow 5K yesterday. I felt fine at the time, but today I have been hobbling about like an old granny – aching all over!  So, a run today might not be the best idea! Saying that though, after half-an-hour of a screaming toddler in my ear I am seriously considering a short plod around the block just to get some ‘head space’!

I get very frustrated with myself if I can’t run, which then tends to manifest itself as a ‘low mood’ slump! Which inevitably means raiding my little boys goody cupboard! Oh dear – there were some remarkably yummy looking flapjacks (my favourite!) and an interesting looking Cadbury egg and spoon chocolate thingy (which I can highly recommend!). So with my Weightwatchers points pretty much blown out of the water for the week, I am on rations for the next couple of days! 😦 It’s also taking all the will-power I can muster not to mooch round to Tescos and invest in a nice bottle of white wine! I’m salivating at the thought! But I am exercising what self-control I have left and hanging onto my diet by a fine thread.

Oh, and while I’m on one, did I mention I’ve got a verruca on my heel as well?! I’ve not had one of them since I was a kid. The joys of children – they share literally everything with you! Thanks Jack! 😉 I’m attacking it early with some verruca treatment in the hope it will clear up nice and quick (famous last words!).

Right – that’s enough the whingeing for one day! 🙂

On a plus note, I came across this great gal on my internet travels. She’s made a video of her journey losing loads of weight. I think she’s fab and just what I need to remind myself to pull myself together and get back in the saddle! 🙂 Click on the picture below to check her video out….

My boobs are shrinking!

I stood on the scales this morning – and I have now lost a whopping 8lb in 2 weeks (woop, woop!). I am mightily pleased with this – long may it continue!!!!! 🙂 Thanks to good old Weightwatchers and a strict running regime, the effort seems to be paying off nicely.

indexDoes anyone else notice though that the first place the weight seems to come off is their boobs? I am a fairly hourglass figure, but in my pre-pregnancy slim days, I was a small handful of a 34B cup. Now, thanks to all those pregnancy hormones and increased calorific consumption I am now more of a 40DD (or thereabouts)! I’m not having a moan, but, there are plenty of extra love handles to go round at the moment – so why does the weight have to come off the bit I quite fancy keeping a bit extra of? After all, a few more pounds off the thighs, stomach and hips would surely make more sense! 😉

Looking on the bright side ….. some smaller boobies (along with a new sports bra) will hopefully = less under boob runners chaffing at the Reading half marathon in March! Anyone who had the misfortune of putting up with my moans of sore boobs after my first half marathon (Mablethorpe) last October will know how super tender they were! Red raw springs to mind. Thank god for Sudocrem is all I can say. Having kids has it’s advantages – there is every cream and remedy known to mankind knocking around the house somewhere! I know, I know – never happy – I moan with big boobs, I moan when they get smaller! 🙂 One things for sure though …. a spot of shopping for a heavy duty ‘over the shoulder boulder holder’ will be in store! 🙂 Maybe something a bit like this ….