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I want a Shelfie!

20140401_170215Bleary eyed, I sip on my much needed caffeine fix for the morning and log into my Gmail account. A Google advert for ‘Introducing Shelfies: Selfies with personality’ pops up in the middle of my screen.

Ooooh! Never one to turn my nose up at a new feature, I read on …. Google declares: “Selfie custom themes are incredibly popular in Gmail and they just got better. With Shelfies (Shareable Selfies) you can set your own photo as a Gmail custom theme and share it with your friends so they can enjoy looking at you as much as you do.”

Maybe I am inherently too vain, but I felt compelled to set myself up with one of these straight away. I liked the idea of personalising my Gmail a bit and I proceeded to take a big smiley close up to plaster all over my background. Hey, and then I was going to share it with the OH, so he could have my ‘lusciousness’ (ahem!) gazing at him as he works and plays! 🙂 A constant reminder to him that he is ‘being watched!’

So, selfie all prepped and ready to go ….. ‘upload failed’. Sad face ensues and me searching around to find out what I did wrong. During my search I stumble upon a nice little article about Google’s latest April Fools prank.

I think I got reeled in hook, line and sinker……

This post was written for the Yeah Write Challenge #155.