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Day 24: Fitness Gimmicks

Day 24 of the Fitness Blogger 30 Day Writing Challenge and the question today is:

Have I ever fallen for a fitness gimmick?

I am verging on a marketers dream – an easy sell if you catch me in a weak mood. So, the answer is – oh yes, I most certainly have fallen for the odd fitness gimmick here and there. I actually find myself talking myself ‘out of’ buying fitness gimmicks, repeating the mantra ‘those fitness models did not get abs like that without a whole lot of hard work.’ But every so often I find myself swayed by the false promises of getting a body like ‘that’. I know I should know better, but sometimes I just can’t help myself. The most recent gimmick I found myself falling for was the Ab Circle Pro. Reeled in by the repetitive ads on the fitness channel I found myself wooed. Looking online and seeing the price of a new one, I safely managed to exercise some self-control and talked myself out of a silly purchase. That was until I saw a second hand one at half the price – a bargain too good to turn down. Pleased with my new purchase and determined to get abs to die for, knees in the straddles and ready for some hard core ab action – I pushed and I puffed and I didn’t move! Maybe the machine is made for lightweights or something, but I couldn’t budge it. If anyone has seen one of these, the idea is that your bottom half rocks from side to side in a semi-circular action, working deep into your core. Sod that, I was well and truly stationary and not going anywhere in a hurry. Needless to say I wrote that purchase off and resigned myself to another gimmick biting the dust!