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The holiday is over ….

Some of you might have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet over the past week. Others may have enjoyed the peace and quiet! 🙂 Well I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve been sorely neglecting my blogging ramblings of late. I may have got a bit distracted – after all I’ve been off enjoying some quality time with ma famille in the Yorkshire Moors.

It was lovely to get away and forget all the hum drum of everyday life for a few days and it’s safe to say our little boy had a whale of a time. But like every holiday, no matter how fab they are, it’s always nice to get back to home sweet home.

imageAfter the last week of excessive scoffing and guzzling of anything and everything that crossed my path (come on, I was on holiday), my jeans are verging on almost not fitting and the cake variety of muffins is not the only type in sight. So, holiday over, fear of having no clothes to fit and an impending Wolf run in about 6 weeks time, it’s time to bite the bullet and get back on course….

… so today (after a wee bit of prompting from the OH this morning!) I have successfully completed my first fast day (back on the 5:2) and I am resolute that tomorrow will be my first run in a little over 2 months.

I’m back with a vengeance!

Off track

I need a stern talking to.

Somewhere along the lines I got a bit waylaid. The beginning of this year started in a tidal wave of motivation, but the fates have been against me of late.

A friend recently asked me how I fit it all in. My response, ‘I have no idea.’ But what I do know, is it is all held together by a fine string, which holds the balancing act precariously on the edge of a ledge. One wrong move, one extra burden thrown into the equation, the string snaps and the whole lot comes tumbling down. It’s a bit like an episode of Road Runner, and I land first with all the other shit falling on top of me. So I am now covered in crap and no longer balanced!

In this case, the great fall was set in place by a rather inconvenient running injury. It was enough to stop my running for a couple of months, which means less endorphines to keep me perky, less calories burned off to help with the weight loss and a slippery slide to self-destruction on the whole health and fitness front. I well and truly fell off the band wagon in the process and every attempt to clamber back on has been faced by a convenient bout of illness – a cold here, a chest infection there …. the list goes on, as do the excuses.

This morning I had to remind myself what this blog is all about. A constant reminder to stay on track to reach my goals. I haven’t completely lost the plot as far as all my challenges go – I’m currently ‘learning a new word every day for a month’ and we recently got a new addition to the family – our Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Choccie. But a large part of the challenges are related to fitness – and those ones have been sorely neglected of late. Not without good reason, but the longer I wallow in my self-neglect the harder it will be to regain my motivation. So the time has come to get back on track …. and I have an action plan ….

  1. The rest of this week …. spend 10 minutes stretching every day (my muscles are still very tight)
  2. Next week …. start some light yoga to aid stretching out my muscles AND START MY 5:2 DIET AGAIN
  3. The week after … add some light pilates exercises into the mix
  4. The following week …. go on holiday (and try not to fall off the wagon again!)
  5. First week of May …. ease myself back into running again

… after all I only have 2 months until Summer Wolf Run (eeek!).

The 5:2 Fasting Diet …. bring it on!

5:2 dietWell, as many of you know I am a woman on a mission – trying to lose about a third of my total body weight! I will be a skinny minny yet, I tell you!!!! 🙂 Having methodically followed the Weightwatchers diet since the beginning of January, I have managed to lose 11 lbs in weight so far. I am really happy with this, but my problem has always been ‘staying on the wagon’ so to speak – and the last two weeks I have well and truly fallen off of it!!!!! After a period of illness, friends visiting, birthday celebrations (my 3-year-olds), too much naughty food and not enough exercise the scales were starting to tell the tale! My other problem is fickleness (god knows how I have managed to stay with the OH for 13 years!!!!! :)). In need of a new burst of motivation, I decided it was time to try a change of diet plan. Which leads me onto the 5:2 fasting diet.

I’m sure lots of you have heard about it already – in fact I think I am a bit behind with the times on this one! But the basis is you fast for two non-consecutive days of the week and then eat what you want for the other five. I have been reading a lot of good reviews about this diet from various people and when my friend lost 3 lb after her first day of fasting, I was starting to think I might be missing out on something! So, I have jumped on the band wagon!

I quite liked the sound of this diet as I find maintaining a diet for a long period of time very hard. And when I get waylaid it knocks my motivation for six. The fact that I only have to effectively ‘diet’ for two days of the week, should theoretically be easier for me to stick to. The premise behind intermittent fasting is that it mimics our pre-historic ancestors eating habits, i.e. feast and famine. Modern habits have apparently made our metabolisms sluggish and this diet is meant to kick-start things back into action!

I invested in the book by Dr Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer, which claims to be the ‘original 5:2 diet’. After a full-on reading session Wednesday night, I was all set for my first fasting day on Thursday. The good news is that fasting doesn’t mean ‘no food at all’, just that you can’t consume more than 500 calories (600 for men)! I was sceptical to say the least, knowing how much I love my food! So after a smoothie for breakfast, it was a long old wait til my next feed at dinner (salmon, tender-stem broccoli and a poached egg)! It was hard. I was starving … and I drank so much green tea to try to stave off my hunger it was ridiculous. But I did it, without eating my arm, and the following morning I was 4 lb lighter!!!!! I have since put on a pound or two, but it is already making me think more about what I am eating. I am also more aware of real hunger versus eating for the sake of it. The sadistic side of me is actually even quite looking forward to my next fasting day on Monday. After all I do like a challenge! Though I am hoping it will be easier the second time round. And the best thing, my equally obsessed friend is also doing it too, so we are able to compare weight loss and/or gain at least twice a day!!!! 🙂

I’m looking forward to posting on here again soon with lots more news of my ever decreasing weight!!!!!!! Fingers crossed! 🙂