Creative Writing Course – Week 1 – Assignment 2

The second assignment for this week was to write about someone we recently encountered. This was meant to be an exercise in character development and we had a word limit of 200 words maximum. Here’s my character …..


The sound of the hacking cough was the first thing I noticed. It echoed round the village shop, filling the aisles with its deep brutality. In fact, I was surprised to see the sound emanated from a woman – her face as haggard as her throat sounded. Deep set wrinkles etched the contours of her face and her dark hair hung limp, highlighting signs of a harsh life. As I approached the counter, the edges of her lips lifted in a faint smile, deep entrenched smile lines hinting at happier youthful times. As she stood bent over, emitting another lungful of cough, I couldn’t help but think she looked the perfect poster girl for the cigarette display backdrop behind her.

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