Creative Writing Course – Week 1 – Assignment 1

So the first assignment for week one of my creative writing course was to write two short paragraphs – the first to contain three facts and 1 one piece of fiction. The second, three pieces of fiction and one fact. So here is my contribution …..


3 facts and 1 fiction Squashed up at a mini table at Pooh Corner, we savoured the taste of our sweet tea. Midges tickled my skin and annoyed, I swished them away with my spare hand. ‘Come on mama, let’s go and find the hermit’s cave,’ Jack shouted over the sloshing of the waterfall. The sun was beating down on our skin, which had cooled slightly after our refreshing lake swim. Drying ourselves off, we set off in search of the mystical cave, admiring the greenery of the forest surrounding us. Before long we approached the oversized rock cave. “The Hermitage” was etched elegantly on the side. Pleased at our find, we found a pleasant spot to roll out the blanket and tuck into our picnic.

3 fictions and 1 fact Strolling though the greenery of the forest, we soaked up the quiet serenity around us. Still wet from our lake swim, the feel of damp clothes against my skin was refreshing in the scorching heat. A beautiful blue butterfly swooshed past, its sparkling wings tickling the back of my hand as it went. When we arrived at the hermit cave, the hermit was home and he kindly invited us in for tea. Sipping tea and eating cake together, we laughed – knowing no one would believe our story when we returned home.

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