Writerly Reflections

It’s time for the WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge and this week is all about reflecting on our writing and how it all began …..


There’s no big revelation. No big reflection. Sorry! When did I first start writing? ….. About two months ago! When did I write my first composition? … About two months ago! When did I have the realisation that I wanted to write? … About two months ago! Actually that last one is a bit of a lie – I have secretly harboured a desire to write for years. I have visions of being the next J. K. Rowling – a tad unrealistic perhaps, but I would love to write a published novel one day.

Every few months I pick up the laptop and start the first chapter of my soon to be bestseller – a couple of days down the line I admit defeat and delete the file into obscurity. This pointless spiral has been going on for years and every time my secret ambition is put back in it’s place, securely in the ‘it’s just a dream’ category of my brain.

I have a tendency to overstretch myself. It’s a repetitive story – why do something simple, when I can jump right in at the deep end? Generally, this leads to an epic fail. I’ve never had training for my writing and it needs development, input and editing to truly grow – things I have never had. Perhaps launching into a full length novel was never going to be the best recipe for success. I was just setting myself up for a fall, time and time again.

A little over two months ago it all changed, when I started my blog. At the time the motivation wasn’t about writing, but was more about setting some goals and making some positive changes to my life. Blogging to the world was my fool proof tie in to the commitments, or else I would face public accountability. Somewhere along the lines it turned into more than a motivational nudge, it became a chance to explore my writing skills. In just two short months I have learnt so much about my writing. I can see improvements already and sharing my thoughts with the world has given me confidence in my abilities.

For someone who doesn’t share easily, writing has become the medium for expressing myself. I find it therapeutic, rewarding and uplifting – it’s becoming a passion that I hope one day will reach it’s full potential.

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