I’m in love with another man

I’ve never paid by the hour for the company of men. But for this man, I could make an exception – he has the most amazing hands.

As he tells me to strip off to my underwear and lay on the bed, I think for £35 this better be good. He spends the next hour kneading, manipulating and sticking pins in me like I’m a voodoo doll. Whatever his magic, he’s weaved some kind of spell. I think I’m in love, no one has managed to make me feel like this before. I am floating.

This man is my Osteopath and he is worth every penny. After months of back, hip and leg pain – he has managed what no-one else could. He has started to make me whole again. I thought the light would never be in sight, but now the dark walls of the tunnel are steadily passing me by. Doctors, sports therapists and pilates instructors have nothing on him – he well and truly deserves the pedestal I have quickly ascended him to. As the pain subsides, I start to see my weekends of wistfully watching other runners being a thing of the past. Finally I could be out there again soon. He may never know the impact he is having on my life already – with eased muscles I feel reinvigorated, the motivation returning.

When my work colleague suggested, ‘You need an Osteopath,’ he had no idea he was instigating a match made in heaven.

I have another meeting with him on Tuesday … I am already counting down the hours. I told the OH I’m leaving him for another man – only for an hour a week. He hardly glanced up from his iPad as he murmured an ‘okay’. I can embark on this new affair, safe in the knowledge I have his approval. I can see it being a long-term thing. I need this man in my life …. he’s making me feel like a new woman …. I’m never letting him go.


This post has been written for the Yeah Write Writing Challenge #154.

11 thoughts on “I’m in love with another man”

  1. Knock on wood, I haven’t had to deal with any chronic or long-lasting pain. Since I hate having people touching me, I just can’t see myself getting a massage. I’m glad that it has helped you so much.

  2. Oh my goodness, I know just how you feel! The first time I went to an osteopath (for sciatica) I walked out of there on a cushion of air six inches deep. I never knew a body could feel so good. I love the cheeky opening of your piece, by the way. 🙂

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