It’s Friday Fictioneers time and the prompt this week is the picture below. Here is my 100 word piece of fiction:

The harsh metal feels cold as I grip my fingers through the mesh of the shaft door, awaiting my moment of truth. My anxiousness rises with the sound of the approaching elevator and the culmination of all my misgivings.

As the doors open, I step inside the grim interior; graffiti depictions of angels and demons scrawled across the walls.

The deep-throated words “going down” echo in the enclosed space and my eyes sting from the soaring heat.

I throw myself forward and hopelessly claw at the closing doors, one last attempt at escape before I begin my fateful descent.

14 thoughts on “Judgement”

  1. Powerfully evocative-so sad that the decision was already made for the narrator-hell was the only choice!Great story and I loved the tension:-)

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