Vapour not Smoke

Lets talk numbers …. 27 years, 40 a day, £6 per packet, £84 per week, 11 mins loss of life per cigarette, 8.24 years lost. No wonder we never have any money (and should the OH technically be dead yet?).

Seriously though, he’s had a nasty habit for far too long. 13 years together I have lost count of the times he’s tried to ‘give up’. There was time when I gave birth, then when he had pneumonia … needless to say he’s worked his way through most of the quitting aids out there. Every morning, as I lay in bed listening to his retching cough, he sounds like an 80 year old with COPD (he’s only 40).

Here’s another number for you ….. 4 weeks, 1 day and 30 minutes …. since he last had a cigarette. The longest time he has ever gone without and a momentous achievement. Already his cough is subsiding and his lungs are less short of breath. If the figures are correct, he has just saved himself 8.8 days of his life already.

What can I thank for this life changing event? E-cigarettes! Now those hard earned pennies are being spent on new ‘atomisers, coils and modulators’ (whatever the hell they are)! I can’t say I was ‘up’ on the whole e-cigarette thing until the OH brought one home, but they are the first thing that has enabled him to turn his back on the tobacco industry. It’s not a full 100% improvement, after all he’s still inhaling nicotine – but everything has to be put into perspective. There isn’t much research available on the potential effects of e-cigarettes, so a sense of the unknown is present. There may be some detrimental effects along the way, but they have to be a darn sight safer than inhaling vast quantities of cigarette smoke into your lungs year on year – so for the OH, this has got to be an improvement.

I am still in shock he is not a ‘smoker’ anymore – apparently now he is a ‘Vaper’. Something has happened that I thought I would never see and I am feeling immensely proud. I hope this means he is clocking up more precious minutes, hours, days and years to spend with us.

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11 thoughts on “Vapour not Smoke”

    1. To be honest my OH was like that too … He actually used to enjoy smoking. For some reason he just decided to try an e cigarette one day and he hasn’t looked back! I really never thought I would see him giving up as it really was something he had to want to do for himself.

  1. Good start for him! My hairdresser switched as well and her voice is definitely starting to sound a lot clearer. Here in the US they are actually talking about banning vaping in some places because people throw their e-cigarettes on the ground. You know, like cigarette butts, which is totally ok, right?

    1. There are a few places here that have started to ban them too but because the vapour could be seen as antisocial!!!! I just hope they don’t start regulating it so much they make it hard for smokers to switch. Good on your hairdresser. 🙂

  2. My husband smokes and has also gone through numerous unsuccessful bouts of trying to quit. Maybe I should subtly start spamming his inbox with ads for e-cigarettes…

  3. Seriously, for anyon in giving up. These ecigw are the way to go! If they can stop me smoking, they can stop ANYONE smoking! 🙂

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