The Platoon

It’s time for Friday fictioneers again, here’s my 100 word fictional piece prompted by the picture above:

Placing her flip flop clad foot onto the platoon, Tara stepped out of the fishing boat and sighed at the beautiful landscape in front of her.

‘Your bag Ma’am. Have a safe stay,’ the tanned skipper drawled.

Turning to him, she grabbed her bag, giving him a knowing nod in thanks. Sick of everyone telling her what to do, she was looking forward to a summer working on the resort. Her mum couldn’t control her here. Oppressive bitch can go to hell! She laughed – her mum would be going ape by now.


17 thoughts on “The Platoon”

  1. Oho,a rebel ? Well,good for her cos soon she will learn to appreciate her Mom-here comes real life -and I am also suspicious about what that skipper said”safe stay”?Beware Tara! Loved this:-)

  2. Good morning, Caroline. Good story about that age of rebellion. I’m quite sure she’ll learn a lot, some of which will be lessons she didn’t want but needed. Who knows? She may learn to appreciate her mom more, too. As for the skipper’s advice, in a FF story, that could be taken ominously. Or not. 🙂


  3. Well-written story. I was thinking the same as some others. She’ll find out that working for someone else is a heck of a lot different than being told what to do my Mom. Also, the warning might lead to a mystery, making this a hook for a longer story.

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