Eightysixed review

I think I have got a bit waylaid from my recommended reading list, but when I stumbled on Tipsy Lit’s author interview with Emily Belden I was enticed away from my latest read. Described as a ‘twenty-something hot mess’, her book ‘Eightysixed’ really is a riveting read.

This is Emily Belden‘s first novel, but an experienced blogger for many years, she portrays an honest and witty rendition of her dating memoirs as she searches for love as a young woman in Chicago. Her romantic woes transition from heartbreaking debilitation to amusingly bad choices to life inspiring encounters. Emily hooks you in from the first chapter and you are fully immersed on the journey with her. From wanting to give the ex-boyfriend Trent a kick in the teeth, to laughing hysterically (and perhaps wrongly) at the cocaine sniffing rocker, through to crying when she says goodbye to her inspirational Floris – you feel like the best friend getting a first hand Monday morning depiction of her dating ups and downs.

A reassuring read for many women who have struggled to find ‘the one’, this is more than just a personal account of her relationships, it is also an emotional journey as she finds herself. A corking read that you won’t be able to put down – let’s just hope there is more to come from this new and upcoming author.

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