Day 30: Goals for next month

Well that 30 days whizzed by at high-speed – it’s the final day of the Fitness blogger 30 day writing challenge.

lt-back_ache_pain-410x290Today is all about my fitness goals for next month. This is a simple one; there is nothing fancy – no marathons to contend with, no faster paces, no super training plans – just get out running again! Get your yawns out-of-the-way now – but as some of you know I have been blighted by injuries the past couple of months. As my body appears to have given up the ghost I have had to admit defeat and take a step right back from my running. This is making me sad, as I really miss it and want to get back out there training for my upcoming year of events! I think (I hope) I am making progress on the aches and pains front, but am taking each day as it comes, giving my body a proper chance to heal. My running mojo is still burning away under the surface, so if I can get back out to a spot of plodding soon I will be a happy bunny! 🙂

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