A World Apart

Dear Fatoumata,

Hello from us all, we hope you enjoy the map and stickers. We live in a small village near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom. It is a small, old village but it is close to the shops and the city. There is also a lot of farming land near us. We like it here as it is quieter than where we used to live near London.


Caroline, Rob and Jack



I thought it was a lovely idea when World Vision sent through a map and stickers for us to send on to Fatoumata (who we are sponsoring). We marked where we lived on the map of the world with the special sticker, so she can see where we live in relation to her. I am looking forward to her receiving this and I hope she has had our introductory letter already – I can’t wait to hear back from her with her first letter.

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