Day 28: Home Fitness

Its Day 28 of the Fitness blogger 30 day writing challenge and today it’s all about fitness in the comfort of my own home. Home fitness DVD’s have always been something I’ve indulged in. I like to go to organised classes when it comes to aerobics, but sometimes doing a DVD in front of the TV in your own lounge can be a lot less hassle and fits better into a busy schedule. Now I’m juggling a toddler, part-time job, blogging and looking after the house – trying to fit it all in can be a challenge sometimes. I often stick something in the DVD Player and then contend with my 3-year-old trying to join in! Press ups and planks are a lot more challenging with a toddler trying to climb on your back.

I tend to go through phases as to what types of aerobics or fitness DVDs I like, but some of my all time favourites have to be:

  1. Billy Blanks Tae Bo
  2. Ministry of Sound Workout: Pump it Up (the first one)
  3. Insanity
I also recently found a great site for Pilates classes called Pilates Anytime, which has a brilliant selection of different length routines – so I pop along there sometimes too.

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