Day 26: Room for improvement

Its day 26 of the Fitness Blogger 30 Day Writing Challenge. Today’s question is:

What area of your fitness would you most like to improve?

Ultimately I would like to improve my running speed, as I am nothing short of a slow plodder and I would like to feel a bit more ‘competitive’. However, at the moment, this has been pushed to more of a medium term goal as the last couple of months I appear to have been plagued with injuries. I am desperate to get back out there running again and I dread to think how much of my fitness I have already lost. These recent hitches have resulted in a slightly different focus for short term improvements, with me needing to build up my core strength and stretching so I have a stronger base to work on to achieve my longer term goals of increased speed and endurance.

2 thoughts on “Day 26: Room for improvement”

  1. Hello, Caroline!
    I can totally relate to your situation. I was training for a 5k last year and ended up severely injuring my hip joint. In the past 6 months I’ve had 6 rounds of x-rays, 2 MRIS, an arthrogram, and one month of physical therapy. It’s easy to get discouraged when you have to take a step back from pursuing your long-term goals. Through this all, I’ve learned the importance of thoroughly stretching and strengthening. Granted, I would much rather be running the trails than doing squats and planks at home. I’m still struggling to accept that it is more important to condition my body regularly than to ruthlessly push it to reach an ambitious goal. What helps is reminding myself it’s more beneficial to compare myself to who I was yesterday than the person I aspire to become. Never disregard your daily accomplishments
    I wish you the best of luck on this journey! You can do this!

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