Day 25: What am I good at?

I can’t quite believe that it’s day 25 of the Fitness Blogger 30 Day Writing Challenge already. Today’s question is what am I good at?

I once went to see a psychic and she told me that I would succeed at anything I put my mind to, as I had someone watching over me and guiding me on my way and the OH commonly complains that I am far too lucky for my own good. I personally don’t agree with either of them, but think there is some merit behind their comments. I am not naturally amazing at everything I do (no-one generally is), but what I am is committed and dedicated to what I do choose to do. When I put my mind to something, then heaven forbid anyone who gets in my way – I have been described as somewhat obsessive at times. In terms of fitness I know I am never going to be a super speedy athlete, but endurance events are something I feel I have more potential for. This is probably due to my mental mindset, my determination to do well at things and not give up on a challenge. This psychology is hopefully what will get me through my first marathon and maybe ultra one day (I just need my body to play catch up!!!!).

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