Blurred colours

Life had once been defined by linears and absolutes, but now I’m unable to focus past the haze of colours and blurred lines that represent my present. A lost soul amongst the uncertainties of what the future holds, grasping onto the last semblances of sanity before the madness takes hold. Before the image of last night, now imprinted on my brain, life had been picture perfect – bright, happy days, filled with the sunshine of family love. We had been childhood sweethearts, married young and raised a loving family in our perfect white picket fenced home. A devoted wife and mother, my life had been dedicated to the primping and preening of others needs, forgetful of my own self-worth. My family happiness integral to my whole sense of being and my own hopes, dreams and ambitions put on hold for the benefit of the greater good. Yet no sense of regret or resentment compounded my commitment and joy. Years of dedication passed, our children growing into adults in their own right, finally an opportunity to refocus and reignite our love and passion for one another again. But you chose a new fire to ignite, home not sweet enough to satiate your lustful hunger. ‘It wasn’t me, it was you’ – the classic one liner – an attempt to placate and soothe my emotions. A lie you had been living for so many years. Years which had been my sole purpose in life, now washed to meaningless by your false facade. Why seek love in the arms of another, when complete devotion was already at your door? The affection and love of years past now tarnished with your deceits. Would it not have been fairer to set me free before my prime had passed – I shouldn’t have been the cage that trapped you from your true desires. Colours are blurred, my hold on reality lost, your indiscretion now the definining moment of our lifelong relationship.

This piece of fiction was written for the Speakeasy weekly writing challenge number 151. This weeks challenge required the use of the quote ‘life had once been defined by linears and absolutes’ being used as the first line of the story. There was also the below photo prompt this week:

19 thoughts on “Blurred colours”

  1. Excellent use of the prompt in the first sentence. As a personal thing I think the story would benefit from being broken into paragraphs – a big lump of text can look off putting to some 🙂

  2. Great take on the prompts! And such a strong, evocative piece. I could really feel the narrator’s hurt and sense of loss and betrayal. Nicely done! 🙂

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