Another one bites the dust

Challenge 19 can be well and truly ticked off the list – wahey

Red House Farm
Red House Farm

another one down! And this was a super enjoyable one too – our first weekend away together, alone, since having our little boy 3 years ago. I was hoping to complete this challenge later on in the year, but we managed to get an impromptu getaway earlier than expected. That will teach my mum to ‘suggest’ having Jack to stay for a weekend – within 24 hours I had a lovely little country cottage booked for the weekend and plans to relax in style, just the two of us. Roll on Friday, our bags were packed, Jack had been well and truly farmed off with a car-boot load of supplies in tow and we were set for our ‘unromantic’ (as we don’t do that sort of thing!) weekend jaunt.

I think Rob misunderstood when I told him to use the teacosy!

We got off to a bit of a disappointing start after a late finish for the OH at work, we didn’t hit the road til 7.30pm – with a three-and-a-half drive ahead of us, that was one night almost wiped out already. Then came the phone call from the folks half way on our journey, for Jack to have a little cry and beg down the phone to come home and see his mummy! My heart strings were well and truly being twanged and guilty mummy was feeling really mean for leaving her number one boy behind! Determined to carry on for our well-deserved alone time, I sat in the passenger seat on tenterhooks waiting for another distraught call from my little boy. Thankfully that call never came and he settled in fine with Grandma and Grandpops. Safe in the knowledge he was happy and amused, I could now enjoy the weekend.

Our cosy weekend cottage

Given the short notice, I struggled to find something reasonably priced and nice looking, so the original plan of hitting the Peak District somehow ended up being slightly relocated to the North Yorkshire Moors. I had a good feel about the place I booked (Red House Farm) and when we turned up to a very accomodating owner (we didn’t arrive till nearly midnight) I knew we had made the right choice. Not only was it a proper gorgeous cosy country cottage style, the attention to detail was impeccable. We were close to setting up permanent residency! 🙂

There were some lovely sights to see – local Whitby and Robin Hoods Bay amongst them. But for me, the pleasure was in just being able to focus on us. We missed our little one and there were plenty of “jack would love that” or ‘if Jack was here” comments, but being able to lie in in the mornings, not having to constantly watch his every move and having our attentions on each other without constant distraction – the first time in three years – was refreshing. So much so, that we ended up staying an extra night and making the most of our child free time.

But we can’t completely leave little man out of all the fun, so we have booked in for a family trip back to one of the larger cottages at the end of April and I can’t wait. Roll on …. only 6 weeks to go! 🙂

Whitby Abbey

One thought on “Another one bites the dust”

  1. Some alone time with your husband is a must!(I’ve been married for 21 years… I know what I’m talking about…) It’s great that you had your getaway weekend… remember you still have to come down here for some sunshine on the beach!! 😉

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