Day 20: The Enjoyment

Its Day 20 already (can’t believe there is only another 10 days to go!) of the Fitness Blogger 30 Day Writing Challenge.

What do I enjoy most about working out?

women-love-working-outGosh, this is another hard one. Not because I don’t enjoy working out, but because there are lots of reasons I enjoy it. I don’t think I can pick just one thing, for me it is about the whole experience. The chance to get some alone time, I love running – just me and the pavement, no worries and a chance to really clear my head. It’s hard to describe how therapeutic and de-stressing it is unless you are a fan of running as well – but it’s like I’m in my own little bubble, it’s verging on almost being meditative!

But it doesn’t end there. All the feelings I feel after a good workout make me enjoy the experience and go back for more – the huge sense of achievement I feel, the endorphins that perk my mood no end, the addictive urge to get back out there and go for it again, the fact I am feeling leaner and healthier …. and the list goes on.

Although sometimes it might prove hard to get my bum out the door, once I am running in the moment it can be one of the best feelings ever.

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