Day 18: when did it all start?

It’s day 18 of the Fitness Blogger 30 Day Writing Challenge and today I am posting about when my interest in fitness started.

Fitness has always been there at the back of my mind at one point or another, but never having come naturally to me, I tended to drop in and out of the whole ‘fitness bug’. I tend to be quite fickle in many of my interests, so over the years a number of sporting hobbies have been passionately started and then shortly after dropped – usually after having spent a small fortune on all the gear! Running, however, has been something I have enjoyed for a number of years, but was always a very occassional past-time. Getting pregnant and then having my little boy 3 years ago completely put paid to any exercise and fitness, with indulgence becoming the name of the game. It was about a year ago now that I decided to enter into my first race – a 5km Zombie Run with a couple of friends. I loved it and found a future racing partner to share my passion with. I booked on some more races and all of a sudden I had an incentive to maintain my regime and improve my fitness. A year down the line I have finally got my head back into a bit of ‘me’ space and have committed to making more fundamental lifestyle changes to help me lose weight and get in shape. My racing calendar and this blog are helping me stay well and truly on track. Long may it continue!

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