Take a bite

appleIt’s time for the WordPress writing challenge and this week we have been asked to start our piece talking about a particular object. I decided to pick an apple!

The bright, red skin of the apple reflects the light as if it’s winking at me. Placed amongst a tray of colourful fruit, it looks less appetising than the enticing bananas and grapes laid out around it. Determined to stick to my original course of edible action, I ignore the calls of the other lush fruit, knowing if I give in to their allure it will be the start of a slippery slope. I am reaping the punishment of postponing my fasting day from yesterday, when I gave in to the call of a cheese sandwich. Now, committed to a day of fasting I am faced by the delicacies of a lunch buffet at the conference I am attending. As I sit there eating my paltry apple and drinking my cup of black tea, the other delegates munch on far more delectable treats. I daren’t look too closely at the sandwiches, cakes and nibbles in case my will power weakens and I lose all good intentions. This is pure evil – my idea of hell!

Awaiting my train to depart the station for home, I savour the taste of my 297 calorie Chermoula Chicken and Wholemeal Cous Cous salad from Tescos. It tastes darn good after a day of a rumbling tummy and willpower of steel. I am feeling remarkably pleased with myself, smug in the knowledge that I WILL BE super svelte. With Pilates later tonight, I’m on fire today! If those scales don’t weigh me at least 2 lbs lighter in the morning I will be throwing them out of the window in disgust! 🙂

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