Life is like a cocktail …

untitledI am armed with the cocktail shaker in one hand and the champers in the other. ‘Fancy a Bellini?’ ‘Oh, go on then,’ Jane responds. We’re kitted out in our finest attire, ready for a girly night of cocktail shenanigans. We’ve been planning this night for ages – no kids, no men, just lots of cocktails and a good girly natter.

There’s a knock at the door. I open it and the first thing I see is the comical sunglasses perched on the end of Janine’s nose. Brightly coloured – tropical pink and green numbers – framed with a palm tree on one side and a flamingo the other. ‘They’re amazing. I love them,’ I shriek. Opening her bag, she pulls out three more pairs. ‘I got some for us all.’ By the time Sarah turns up, I even have the sparklers out – this is going to be a night to remember.

‘Are you doing sex on the beach?’ Janine asks.

‘Yes, yes ….’ I can’t help but give a cheeky smirk. She’s mentioned it enough times throughout the preparations for tonight. I find myself wondering if her preferred cocktail of choice is any reflection on her life. I know I could do with a bit of that. It gets me thinking, if I could pick a cocktail that represents my life what would it be? I decide that, like any good cocktail night, you can’t just have one. So this would be my cocktail menu:

Happy Youth (Champagne, Brandy, Cherry Brand and Sugar Cube) – It was all so easy back then. I had a blank canvas to start with and a whole life ahead of me. No financial worries, no responsibilities, just a few romantic dramas and the world at my feet.

California Dream (Tequila, Sweet Vermouth and Dry Vermouth) – I spent a large part of my early twenties looking for the dream! I was stifled and unhappy in the UK – so we planned our escape to Australia. Life was on hold for a few years, whilst we jumped through hoops of the visa process and saved for our new life. After 18 months, not all it was cracked up to be, we returned back to the UK.

City Slicker (Brandy, Triple Sec and lemon juice) – The career focused part of my life – with career experience across the globe under my belt I returned with a fire in my belly. I spent a few years doing the London commute – earning good money, but having little time for a life.

Bloody Mary (Vodka, Worcester sauce, tomato juice lemon juice and salt) – How did that happen? I was pregnant. Okay I know how it ‘happened’, but it wasn’t completely expected. I spent the next nine months in a phase of ‘bloody Mary’, whilst I tried to absorb how much our lives were going to change.

Brass Monkey (White rum, Vodka, orange juice) – Maternity leave over, I couldn’t bear to return to work and leave the little one behind, so I gave it up for nearly three years. Only one income and an economically crippling baby, we were ‘brassic’ for a while. But we had a new little cheeky money in our midst.

Chocolate kiss (Peppermint Schnapps, coffee liqueur, hot chocolate and whipped cream) – Life’s started getting back on track. It’s sweet most of the time and a bit murky at others. The cream on the top – my family.

Long Island Ice Tea (Gin, White rum, Tequila, Vodka, Triple Sec, Cola, lemon juice and sugar syrup) – This will be my retirement – a cocktail with a little bit of everything. A time to relax and reflect on a fulfilling life full of experiences.

Goodnight kiss (Champagne, Angostura bitters and Campari) – The time will come when it’s time to say goodbye to my sweet life.

The Ghost (Champagne and Midori) – For those of you who cross me, I could be back to haunt you.

Hell, if I can throw in a bit of Sex on the Beach along the way, it’ll be all the merrier.

This post was written for submission to the Yeah Write Challenge Grid #150.

24 thoughts on “Life is like a cocktail …”

  1. Love the review of your life (even your future life, wow!) through your cocktail menu!! Have a great week… and I would definitely suggest to throw a bit of Sex on The Beach (or anywhere nice…) every once in a while!!

      1. Oh, of course! Here in Mexico winter is very mild and the beach is a great option all year round… for… whatever!!

      2. Great idea! Or a warm vacation… (You’re always welcome in my home… three hours away from a wonderful beach!!)

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