Day 17: My most embarassing fitness story

thCKEGPQOEIt’s day 17 of the Fitness Blogger 30 Day Writing Challenge and today I am reminiscing about a time when I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me up! 🙂

I’ve been digging around through the depths of my memories for this story. I don’t embarrass all that easily, with a joker of a father like mine when you’re growing up, you learn to develop a thick skin. I am pretty good at laughing at myself and then moving on, conveniently forgetting about any potentially embarrassing experiences. So for this, I am resorting to the days of my youth!

When I was a teenager I undertook a short canoeing course as part of my Duke of Edinburgh. To say I had a bit of a crush on one of the instructors is probably a bit of an understatement. In the midst of one of my lessons on a cold morning on the Thames I managed to capsize into the icy water. Being a beginners course, we had not yet learnt how to Eskimo roll back up above the water, leaving me the only option of abandoning ship! Over came ‘Mr Cutie’, pulling his canoe alongside my stranded one, whilst I treaded water trying to stay afloat. The plan of action was meant to be something along the lines of me elegantly flipping my legs over the front of the canoes and seamlessly landing back in the seat of my canoe. Cue the image of … a hippopotamus, legs akimbo, gyrating its pelvis before losing footing and plopping its fat arse back into the water… not just once, but repeatedly for about 10 minutes. All in close proximity of ‘Mr Cutie’, whilst the rest of the class looked on amused. Eventually defeat had to be admitted, as I swam to the bank in shame and re-entered my canoe on-shore. Everybody got a bloody good laugh out of me that day! 🙂

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