Reading is dead!

imagesI have been delaying picking up the phone, in a state of semi-denial. After a week of coughing up yellow phlegm and a stiff-backed awakening this morning, it started to sink in. The final nail in the coffin was my attempt at a little 3 km run (my first in a week), having to resign myself to a not fully recovered chest or muscles at the half way point. The split in my running trousers didn’t go far in improving my mood either. So, as I admitted defeat and walked the rest of the way home (via Tescos to cheer myself up – bang goes my fast day too!) I dug my mobile out and made the fateful call.

My friend has done Reading HM annually, without fail, for the best part of the last six years. Every year I have tentatively alluded to doing it with her, every time never quite making the commitment. This year, I committed! I had my place booked in December and I was working hard at training – I had even got my mileage up to 11 miles a couple of months ago. After slowly plodding my way round Mablethorpe HM last October, this was going to be a breeze in comparison. Then …. it all went to shit! Courtesy of my muscular aches and pains (the joys of a weak core) I have spent the last six weeks not doing very much running at all. Reading HM was starting to drift off out of my grasp. I was clinging on for dear life, hoping to make a full recovery – after all I HATE not achieving something I put my mind too. But alas, today I realised I needed to put my stubborn nature to one side and look at the longer term picture. I know if I go ahead with Sunday, I am going to cause myself a world of pain and set my running back a good couple of months again. When I put it all in perspective, I know I am making the right decision.

My friend was fine. She has her OH and sisters in tow. They are all feeling under trained and/or injured – so perhaps I would have been in good company after all. When I hung up the phone, I promised whole-heartedly to run with them next year. ‘You bloody well better,’ was my friends response. So I have a feeling she will be holding me to that promise!

I am off to drown my sorrows in chocolate – fasting can wait until tomorrow. I will then resign myself to a slower paced life of Pilates and the odd slow and short plod for the next couple of months! Alas, for slow recoveries! 😦

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