Moving on Up – Week 9, Episode 4 (Chain Writing Challenge)

I’ve been over at Kerrie’s blog again this week, and it’s time for the fun of a spot of chain writing. This week the story is all about Greg, who has moved into his ideal house, the one he has been dreaming of since his big break. But something’s not quite right with this house!

I am picking the story up at Episode 4 – here is my 100 word contribution to the tale …. lets watch it unfold ….


Greg couldn’t deny the warm, sticky texture on his fingers. A worried expression had crept onto his face and Sheila felt concerned. ‘What is it?’ she asked.


‘Are you hurt?’

‘No, but ….’

‘Your leg.’

He suddenly became aware of a throbbing sensation and looked down to see a red patch soaked through his jeans. Is that blood? Feeling confused and light-headed, he pulled up a chair and sat down.

Doors banged and crashed as Sheila rummaged through the kitchen cupboards, worried about the increasing amount of blood. ‘Where’s your first aid kit?’

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