Day 15: My 5 favourite fruit and veg

thGMJ6UIHPI know, I know …. I’m late again! Weekends seem to knock me out of my nice little blogging routine, but here it is, a day late – my post for day 15 of the Fitness Blogger 30-Day Writing Challenge (who would be believe we are half way through it already! 🙂

Today it’s all about getting out five-a-day. I’m loads better nowadays at eating my fruit and vegetables – a few years ago it was more doubtful – and I make an effort to think about bulking my meals out with some healthy shrubs here and there! But the following would be my top five:

  1. Bananas – I should have been ‘banana woman’ – I actually think I could live off of them! I love them and probably eat too many – anywhere between 2-4 a day. They’re just easy to grab for a snack and, unlike other fruit, actually seem like you are eating something a bit more substantial. Brilliant for sweetening things up and I love ‘banana flavoured’ foods like banana bread. They’re great for you too, are full of potassium and make a great pre or post run snack.
  2. Grapes – I like my fruit easy. If it involves too much peeling or crunching then I quickly lose interest – lazy I know! So another, nice easy one to grab as a snack. I like most colours of grapes, but black seedless are probably my favourite as they are super sweet and there are no pesky seeds to ruin the gobbling experience. I just have to make sure I don’t sit there and eat the whole bunch in one sitting. Roll on recliner chair and loin clothed hunk luxuriously fanning me! 🙂
  3. Brussel sprouts – I know this is a contentious one, but they’re a bit like Marmite – you either love them or hate them. I fall into the love them club – always have done, always will do. A roast is not the same without them. I have no idea what it is I like about them, but they have always been the veg I will head straight to out of preference.
  4. Potatoes – how can they not be on my list, after all they are so versatile. Mashed, roasted, baked, made into chips – however they come, I love them!
  5. Rocket – no, not the flying variety! The green, leafy salad like variety. It’s a bit of a recent discovery for me, and right now it hits the spot in so many ways. I am a big fan of the strong flavour and it gives the blandest salad a major pick me up. It’s also really yummy in omelette and I make a mean tagliatelle with rocket and mozzarella – yum, yum!

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