Day 14: Do I not diet?!!!!

It’s Day 14 of the Day writing challenge and today the topic of conversation is all about whether I diet.

It would probably be easier to ask if I don’t diet! With a lifetime of weight struggles I am always on some diet or another. The only time I didn’t diet was when I was pregnant … 6 stone later, look where that got me! I’m still paying the price three years on! Heavier than I ever was pre-pregnancy – I am on one hell of a diet to lose another 4 1/2 stone!

I should be a diet aficionado as I think I’ve tried them all at one point or another. In fact I thought I might do a little review of some of the different diets I’ve experimented with over the years, starting with my current diet of choice:

20140205_181007The 5:2 fasting diet: I’ve been on it about 2 weeks so far and have already lost 7lbs. My weight fluctuates a bit day-to-day on this one, but overall I’m feeling slimmer and less bloated. Fasting is quite easy now and sadistically I rather enjoy my fasting days. Long term adherence to diets is a problem for me, so I like the free reign on non-fasting days. It feels like I only have to diet two days of the week! I really think this could be a good long-term diet solution for me. My digestive system seems more efficient, I am snacking less and I’m automatically opting for healthier foods. Something very strange is going on … but I like it and it’s the best I’ve felt in a long time! It works well with running too. I still have loads of energy and no muscle loss, as fasting is only intermittent. I just keep heavy exercise to non fasting days. A great big thumbs up all round! 🙂

Weightwatchers – I was doing this pre the 5:2 diet and had lost 10 lb in about three weeks, but I had fallen off the wagon and 3 lbs or so had started to creep back on. I’ve lost count of the number of times I have been on Weightwatchers. It’s a good diet and it works, but I personally struggle with maintenance issues. My mum who has better willpower than me lost a whopping 5 stone on it in just over a year. It’s flexible in that you can eat what you want, within your points allowance! The worst thing you can say to me is ‘you cant eat that!’ .. as then I become obsessive about the thing I’m not allowed! The point counts are fairly generous, but I have a tendency to drift towards eating lots of Weightwatchers products on this diet, just for the pure ease of point counting! Meaning lots of processed type foods! 😦

Slimming World – I tried this diet twice. I did well the first time but couldn’t get back into it the second time round. In all honesty I wasn’t really keen on either of the group sessions I attended. There was a very different feel to Weightwatchers’ groups and I just didn’t find them quite as welcoming. Saying that, the model is great if you eat lots of ‘proper’ food as you can eat as much as you want of certain things, e.g. lean meat, vegetables, fruit and pasta etc. If you like to cook from scratch it’s great and is great for fuelling your runs, but if you’re a lazy cook like me then you might find your weekly syns soon get used up! I also struggled with some things being completely off the scale of syns ever permitted – e.g. McDonalds!

Atkins diet – its been a few years since I did this one, but I have done it few times. It’s a great way to lose weight quickly. But the food choices get boring very quickly and there is a lot of debate about the healthiness of this diet long-term. I have never been able to stick to it for more than a few weeks at a time as I find it too restrictive. It’s  a good quick fix but not a great overall diet in my view. I also struggled with the lack of carbohydrates when it came to exercising too.

GI diet – I lasted the whole of about five minutes on this one. I liked the whole theory behind it and all those slow release carbohydrates should be great for running, but I found working out what I could and couldn’t eat was all a bit too complicated and a bit too much like hard work!

Slimfast – Now we are going back a few years! I couldn’t stick to this diet at all. It’s just far to restrictive and boring! I love my food too much and started obsessing about all the things I wasn’t allowed to eat

Overall right now I’m an advocate of the 5:2 diet. It definitely seems to hold the best long-term promise for me and it works well with my relationship with food. I hope to lose a few more stone on it … I’ll keep you posted as to its success!

4 thoughts on “Day 14: Do I not diet?!!!!”

    1. I’ve tried a few over the years! I would definitely recommend giving it a go. I know a few people who have got on very well with it. It’s really flexible as to what days you fast on too. Would love to know how you get on.

  1. I have never tried WW, but a friend did. I felt the point system did not weight points in a healthy manner. I have never dieted, but always try to eat a lot of fruit and veggies, eat yogurt daily and consume other tings in moderation. Also I don’t eat no-fat and diet foods/drinks. I think the regular stuff tastes better. Good luck in your journey and remember tomorrow is another day.

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