Day 11: My dream fitness vacation

thUN9B25V5Here it is, my post for day 11 of the Fitness Blogger 30-Day Writing Challenge.

Today is all about my dream fitness vacation. Well, the first requirement would definitely be ‘sunshine’. I have never really understood the appeal of going on holiday somewhere cold and wet. After all, we have enough bad weather here in the UK to last a lifetime. Condition 2 would have to be a beach – preferably within stone throwing distance. Oh, and did I mention I need to be alone … I love the OH and my little boy to bits, but them tagging along does not equate to a perfectly relaxed mummy! 🙂 Besides, the OH doesn’t really get the whole ‘fitness thing’, so a holiday like this wouldn’t be his cup of tea at all.

I have always fancied one of those yoga type retreats (lots of relaxing, meditating and more relaxing) but I would need to intersperse it all with some faster paced activity (a spot of running, walking and maybe a bit of cycling) – so some decent trails would be a must. Some group talks and activities would be good, a chance to meet some other like-minded people and pick up some valuable hints and tips! Oh, and I need a swimming pool; for cooling off when all that relaxing just gets a bit too much! I am all for healthy eating – but there also needs to be some decent wine on the go, or it’s not much of a holiday (or maybe even the odd cocktail – after all, all that fruit juice is good for you!).

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