A monster big thank you

thankyouIt was only at the beginning of January I launched my blog – a bit unsure of myself, my writing and the challenges ahead. 6 weeks down the line, I’m overwhelmed by the positive response received. I just wanted to take the opportunity to say to all my visitors, followers, commenters and silent perusers – Thank you! Without you, it would all be a bit meaningless.

And just look at these fabulous statistics:

Views so far – 2,405

Followers of my blog – 56

Followers of Facebook page – 36

I have been nominated for two Liebster Awards, one which I accepted (thank you Concentrate on Yourself) and a second one I didn’t accept, but I would still like to acknowledge (thank you Reflections and Nightmares- Irene A Waters (writer and memoirist)).

I have met some inspirational people along the way and now consider myself a member of some super-welcoming forums and groups. If you want to meet some fabulous, like-minded folk, check out some of these forums, blogs and challenges:

I’m learning to explore my writing and growing conviction in my abilities. I’ve even entered my first writing competition, something I would never have had the gall to do before. I’m a whole stone in weight lighter and I have managed to tick a few challenges off my list already. I hope to keep you entertained, I hope you keep coming back for more and I hope you continue to give me the motivation to continue with my goals.

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