Day 10: My 5 favourite sports personalities

Debra Searle
Debra Searle

It’s time for my day 10 contribution to the Fitness Blogger 30-Day Writing Challenge.

Oooh, this is a hard one! As I have previously admitted, I am not really into ‘sport’! Pair that with the fact that I live quite happily and ignorantly in my own little ‘media free’ bubble; I have no clue of what is going on out in the Sports world, or who anyone is!!!!! I am really going to have scrape the bottom of the barrel for this one. I apologise now for any super-cool sports personalities I have left off the list – I have just never heard of you! 🙂 So the top 5 are awarded to:

  1. Debra Searle: A good few years ago (oooh, we may even be talking about 2003!) I went to the Southampton Boat Show for a jaunt with the OH. There was this truly remarkable woman who was doing a talk about her experience rowing the Atlantic ocean. A novice rower, who had set off with her husband – a top-level club oarsman – who took the brave decision to carry on alone when her husband developed a crippling fear of the ocean and deserted ship. I have never felt so motivated to go and row across an ocean in my life after hearing her speak! 🙂 (N.B. I never did – I hate rowing, and I’m a bit apprehensive of the sea!). Nearly 11 years later, I still remember her clearly. A truly motivational, down-to-earth and inspirational woman.
  2. Vinnie Jones: I am so going to be in trouble for this one with the OH! Okay, I might have a cheeky soft spot for a bit of a ‘hard man’! 🙂 I have no idea what he was like as a footballer, but I like the fact he is a little bit ‘crazy’! And he’s done a great job of forging a post-football acting career for himself! Come on, who likes their men all nice and boring anyway! 😉
  3. Mo Farah: He’s my pick for a few reasons:
    • He’s a truly exceptional endurance runner (you’ve got to admire that!)
    • His running down hill is less than graceful;
    • He seems like a down to earth kind of guy; and
    • He was caught on camera (courtesy of Graham Norton) eating a great big, greasy burger! What’s not to love?!
  4. Paula Radcliffe: Cause she is just epic! Smashing records left right and centre at the height of her running career. And who could ever forget that famous ‘pee’! 🙂
  5. Dennis Rodman: Cause you love to hate him! He is super-bad and oozes attitude and character! He’s ma-hoo-sive, is covered in piercings and tattoos and has a very unique look. Come on, he’s dated the likes of Madonna and Carmen Electra, he must have something going on! Oh, I guess he was pretty good at Basketball in his day too! 🙂

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