Day 9: A bit of a loner ….

Wahey … this post gets me back up to date with the Fitness Blogger 30-Day Writing Challenge!

untitledToday is all about how we like to work out – on our own or with others? Well, billy no mates here is a bit of a loner 99% of the time. You should all know by now that my chosen exercise of choice is running …. and I can say without doubt at the moment I prefer to do this on my own! 😉 There are a few reasons why. As a mummy, I seem to spend most of my time running around after other people. It’s not often I get time to myself and running is one of those rare moments of pure ‘me time’! And you know what …. I want to go where I want, when I want, at whatever pace I want! I enjoy my time running and I don’t want to accommodate or adjust to meet other people’s demands – maybe that sounds selfish – but hey, I do that all day every day! 🙂

Also, a big part of running successfully (and comfortably) to me is all about the ‘breathing’! I’ve spent a lot of time getting my breathing right. Having to talk to people when I run completely throws it all out of the window! If I’m not breathing in my nice little rhythm, then my running tends to go to pot!:( Oh, and there is also the little known fact that I am mega slow! Everyone I know runs faster than me. I can’t keep up with them, and if they slow down to keep to my pace I feel bad and under pressure …. there goes my nice relaxing run again! I actually did an obstacle run on Saturday, with my friend Janine. Now she’s super speedy in comparison to me at the best of times and this wasn’t one of my better times! I was injured, under-trained, feeling unfit and even slower than normal. Although it was nice to share some of the obstacles and have a laugh together for a while, it became painstakingly obvious I was slowing her down a tad! 😉 At kilometre 7, when she had a move faster or freeze dilemma, I actually sighed a breath of relief when she opted for the move faster option, leaving me trailing behind in her wake! I could finally go at my own slow pace without feeling guilty! 🙂

th73D5N6OUThe other 1% of the time that I actually work out with others, is on the occasions that I do something like aerobics or Pilates. In these instances I actually find the presence of people motivational and I push myself further than I would do on my own. My only issue is that I have to be at a class at a set time – something I’m not great with!

Periodically I think about joining a running club … but then I have visions of running with other people and quickly change my mind! Who knows, maybe I might think differently when I am not flagging behind at the end of the pack! 🙂

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