Day 7: What is your favourite sport?

Firstly, I am sending out big apologies for the delay in my post! I’ve lost the last few days somewhere along the line and as a result have completely neglected my blog! Naughty me! 😉 Well, I’m back …. with a vengeance! I bet I’ve got you worried now!!!! 🙂

So, it’s a rather belated Day 7 of the Fitness Blogger 30-Day Writing Challenge. Better late than never hey! And the question today is:

“What is your favourite sport?”

This is a hard one for me as I’m not a ‘sporty’ type of person! In fact, I don’t have much of an interest in sport at all to be honest. I loosely class myself as a ‘runner’, and that would be my favourite sport. How I ever got into running, let alone enjoying it, I’ll never know. I hated all forms of sports as a child. It has only been since more recent years, through my interest in health and fitness, that I have managed to find a sport that seems to ‘fit’ with me! I do get quite absorbed by my running at times and I go through phases of eating, breathing and sleeping it! I might squeeze in a bit of Pilates and weight training exercises every now and then ….  but they’re all a means to an ends! 🙂

I don’t watch sport on telly. I never have. If I had to pick something I could bear to sit through then it would probably be something like ice-skating or snooker – bit random I know! 😉

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