Runners Wall Medal Hanger Review

Female Runner Medal Hanger
Female Runner Medal Hanger

I had the opportunity to review of one of Runners Wall’s beautiful medal holders. Given the choice of which design I wanted to review, the ensuing scene depicted a big kid in a sweet-shop!  I opted for the ‘Female Runner’ design, which I felt was perfect for me. There are lots to choose from though; from triathlon themed, to motivational quotes, to bespoke custom-made designs, so it was a hard choice to make!

The delivery was super speedy, with it appearing in the post the very next day. I’m not sure what I was expecting – after all, the dimensions are readily published within the description (13 x 3 inches) – but being rubbish with sizes, when it arrived it was a lot smaller than I had anticipated. I was waiting for a great big parcel to be delivered to the door, so was surprised when the post-man pushed a large padded envelope through the letter-box instead! At least there’s no worries of waiting in for delivery! 🙂 After I adjusted my mind-set to a smaller version than I had envisaged, I actually realised that the sizing is just about right. It’s big enough to be a great feature on your wall, without being overly imposing. If you have the luxury of a bit of wall space to fill, and you’re into competing, then I think it would look great alongside some of the other designs to make a rather stunning ‘medal wall’!

BloodSweat&TearsDescribed as being made of ‘brushed steel’, I was pleasantly surprised to see how light it is. This was particularly good news for my rather flimsy plaster board walls! 🙂 The quality is exceptional. The design is cut to laser perfect precision and I couldn’t find an imperfection on it. My only piece of advice – get it on the wall quickly, before grubby handed toddlers get their hands on it … or you might have to invest in some good stainless steel cleaning wipes! 🙂 It came with all the fixings I needed to attach it to the wall (screws, wall plugs and spacers to put behind theSwim_Bike_Run_STILL_MODEL medal hanger – allowing it to sit away from the wall by a few millimetres). The medal hanger has two tiny little screw holes for fixing purposes. As I mentioned, I have some seriously flimsy plaster board walls (new build homes are just not what they used to be!) and I rent – so I wasn’t sure my landlady would appreciate me attacking the walls with my DIY drilling skills! After a bit of thinking, I decided to give it a go with a couple of picture hook nails – which turned out to be an absolutely perfect fit for the screw holes. It even allowed me to put the spacers on and everything held in place. This is obviously not going to be as ‘sturdy’ as the proper drilling and screwing method, but as a compromise, it appears to do the job quite nicely.

My medals all beautifully displayed
My medals all beautifully displayed

So, all fastened to wall, it was time to put my medals in pride of place on their new home! I really like the design for hanging the medals. The medals sit nicely on the hanger and it all looks symmetrical and tidy. It was a pleasure to finally see my medals displayed properly, rather than flung over the edge of the bookcase! Unfortunately, it highlighted how few I have (better to get to work on that!). I have to admit, when I first hung the medals on the hanger, they looked too long in comparison to the width of the hanger itself. I attempted to fold the medal straps and pin them, so they would sit ‘shorter’ but I just couldn’t get them to hang right. I gave up in the end! I think this was just a personal preference though and now I have got used to them hanging full length, I think they look great. It’s worth noting that you can even buy additional hanging arms for when you get even more medals – an idea I love!

The prices vary a little bit depending on design. The one I reviewed is £28. I initially thought this was a bit pricey, but it does include free postage and packaging, which saves you a few pounds. I really like these hangers, and this is the first time I have come across anything like them. It’s a brilliant, unique idea. I’m still not sure I would pay this much for one for myself, but as a gift for the avid sports person, they would be ideal (I’d be super pleased with a pressie like this!). Or if you do a lot of races and are into competing, then this would be a great investment to display your achievements.

Right, I need to get off and do some training … I need to earn myself some more medals for my new hanger after all! 🙂

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