The progress so far …..

What with all these blog posts flying around left, right and centre … I thought it might be a good time to re-group, collect my thoughts and review my progress on the actual challenge at hand! So how many of the 101 challenges have I managed to tick off the list so far?

completeNo. 18: Enter a short story writing competition – I entered my first competition (Spinetinglers) with my story ‘The Medium’ on 27th January 2014. Let’s see if I win!!!! 🙂

No. 38: Win a prize – I just won an opportunity to review a fabulous medal holder from Runners Wall (and I get to keep the medal holder!). The flash competition was held courtesy of RunMummyRun, so thank you – it’s about the first time I have ever won anything! 🙂 – keep an eye open for the review.

No. 47: Sponsor a childI sponsored Fatoumata on 24th January 2014.

No. 61: Get a gait analysis and buy a pair of proper running shoescompleted on 24th January 2014.

No. 68: Set up my own blog – completed 5th January 2014.


progressNo. 1: Run 1000 miles in 2014 – So far I have run a total of 56.12 miles year-to-date. I need to be averaging about 80 miles a month, so should have done about 100 miles by now. Unfortunately I have been plagued by illness and injury the past few weeks and have to cut back on my mileage for the next few months! 😦 It could be fun later in the year trying to make up for lost time!!!! 🙂

No. 2: Lose 5 1/2 stone in weight – This is going really well. So far since the beginning of 2014 I have managed to lose 12 lbs. Just another 4 stone 9 lbs to go! I started out the year with Weightwatchers, which was going great, till I fell off the wagon a couple of weeks ago. Struggling to get my motivation back, I have now converted to the 5:2 Fasting diet which I am enjoying. I think this is something I could stick to long-term, which is exactly what I need for this amount of weight loss.

No. 14: Give up alcohol for 4 weeks – FAIL! (on this attempt) I started this challenge for the first time on 24th Jan 2014. I lasted 8 days …. which was pretty impressive for me! After a weekend of toddler birthday parties and friends visiting I finally gave in! Better luck next time! 🙂

No. 18: Go away for a weekend, just me and Rob (no children) – we are planning to palm Jack off on my folks for a ‘sleep-over’ weekend, whilst we shimmy off to Newcastle to visit friends (and do the Great North Run) in September this year. So if all goes to plan …. that’ll be another one off the list.

No 21: Ask 20 friends to recommend a book and read them all – I have 13 suggestions on the list so far (another 7 needed still!!!!), I have read one so far (Call the Midwife). I currently half way through my second book – Task Force Helmand.

No. 24: Take a course in creative writing – I have my eye on a creative writing course with the Open University, but it doesn’t start until later in the year. In the meantime I am getting lots of practice in with writing challenges on my blog! 🙂

No. 25: Pay bills on time for 4 months – January is the first month of this challenge completed. It was a good feeling to have everything come out on time and not have to worry about paying things late for once.

No.48: Take a trip ‘down south’ at least once a year to visit friends: I am planning to visit my friend in Reading (and also do the half marathon with her!) at the beginning of March – so that will be my 2014 target hit! 🙂

No. 58: Run an obstacle race with Janine – we are both booked on Avalanche Run this weekend, and will be running it together!

No. 63: Plan and book all my races for 2014 – I have them all planned. 4 are booked, another 10 to go!

No. 69: Update my blog at least weekly – I am on target!

No. 80: Do another guest review for Mudstacle – I have this planned for Go Insane Peterborough on 27th April 2014.

No. 81: Do 10 obstacle courses – I have 7 planned for 2014 so far!

No 87: Donate blood – I looked into doing this locally. But this one is unfortunately on hold for a few months as my iron levels are low and need to get back up to normal before I can donate.

No. 90: Make some new friends – Jack’s 3rd birthday party was a great opportunity to get to know some of the mums whose kids also go to Jack’s nursery and I have a few telephone numbers now. Hopefully we will get to follow-up with some play dates for the kiddos. Oh, and I’m meeting loads of people online through my blogging (does that count?!).

No. 94: Visit 3 UK cities I haven’t been to before – I am planning Newcastle for the Great North Run in September and am also planning Manchester in July with a friend for 2.8 hours later!

No. 97: Do 5 random acts of kindness – on 14th January 2014 I made a random donation to Rachel Knowles! I am so pleased to see she exceeded her target.

5 completed,  17 underway …. 78 not even started yet! 🙂

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