I have no core!

pilates cartoonI know, I’ve been very quiet for a few days … have you missed me? I am not sure where the last week has gone, but one things for sure … I haven’t been at my best! 😦 In addition to being in recovery mode after a weekend of toddler birthday parties (including my little one’s 3rd birthday!) I have been sniffling and snuffling my way through a nice cold! And if that didn’t make me feel rubbish enough I have been hobbling around with a sore hip and back all week. As my mum so kindly put it the other day: ‘you’re only 34, what are you going to be like when your 60?’ Cheers mum. Just what you need when you already feel like your body has given up the ghost! 😉

On Thursday I decided it was time to bite the bullet and get someone to look at my aches and pains! It must have been a good couple of months ago; I felt something ‘pull’ in my hip on a run. I’ve since tried everything: ice packs, ibuprofen, hip exercises, extra stretches, easing back on the mileage …. but it’s all been to no avail. After a rather painful walk to my toddler’s nursery on Thursday morning I decided enough was enough, so I booked myself in to see a local sports massage therapist. Off I limped that same afternoon for a good poking and prodding (not as exciting as it sounds!!!!). Actually it was more painful than anything! 😦

And the verdict:

  1. I have a collapsed left arch, causing a lot of over pronation (thank god I just got some ‘proper’ trainers!) and resulting in my right leg doing all the work! Apparently it is quite common for foot arches to collapse after having children – something to do with all the extra weight and lots of ‘relaxin’ flying round the body, causing all your muscles to relax!
  2. And the biggie – my ‘core’ is non-existent! Apparently my core should be nice and stable when I run, but mine’s wobbling about like a bowl of jelly – hence putting lots of strain on the surrounding muscles which are overcompensating!

And the prescriptive course of action is:

Cut right back on the mileage and concentrate on building my core strength! No long distance running for a few months (looks like my 1000 miles in 2014 might be harder to manage than I thought!) and take up Pilates! 😦 I have to admit that I have never been drawn to the idea of Pilates – it all sounds a bit too ‘slow for me’! I guess it is a means to an ends though, and there’s hope I might even have a tight, toned tummy one day (ahem!) and a killer pelvic floor!!!! 😉

So I am now on the look out for a local Pilates class, whilst religiously doing my strengthening and stretching exercises every day! All I need now is my back to stop hurting so I can do some ‘short’ runs again! After all, I have only 6 days to be fit and well for the Avalanche Run!!!!! Eeeeekkk!!!!

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