Friday fictioneers … Lamps

My general philosophy in life is, why say something in 10 words when you can use 100!!!! To say I have a tendency to waffle might be an understatement! I think my manager cringes with horror every time I send him something to review at work. Word counts have even become a bit of a running joke! 🙂

That’s why I was quite intrigued by the Friday Fictioneers writing challenge. To write a piece of fiction, based on the ‘picture for the week’, in … get this … less than 100 words! 🙂 Never one to shy away from a challenge …. here it is ….

This weeks picture
This weeks picture

Lost but not forgotten

I never noticed the lack of lamps until I found the stash in the attic. As I sit down on the snuff stained sofa, dad walks in, carrying a mug.

‘Here you go love. Thought you could do with a cuppa,’ he says.


Dad sighs and looks over at the lamps, now piled up in the corner of the lounge. Tears fill his eyes. It’s been a week since we had the call from the hospital. I reassuringly touch him on the knee. I know he must miss mum. Trying to lighten the mood a little, I ask, ‘what’s with the lamps?’

He smiles wistfully. ‘Well that’s a funny story …’

11 thoughts on “Friday fictioneers … Lamps”

  1. Nice, endearing story and the father has a funny story to tell his daughter. How sweet and telling that the daughter tries to lighten the mood. I’m sure it’s a good story. Well done! Thanks, Nan

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