Pace myself

fat homer runningNow I know I’m a slow runner. I can often be seen taking up position at the back of the pack on many a race! However, it doesn’t stop me wanting to be quicker. I have started to improve a bit with my speeds of late – I think the combination of consistently running 3-4 times per week, plus starting to lose some weight is beginning to have an impact. Just the other week, I knocked out my fastest pace ever 7.13 min/km. I apologise now to those of you who work in min/miles, but my head just can’t convert over to it – so you will have to do your own conversions!!!! 🙂 So, last week, I was out doing another speedy run (for me!) – I was feeling strong, confident, fast and to be honest, rather pleased with myself! Then another female runner snuck up behind me out of nowhere, overtook me and whizzed past at supersonic speed – whilst making it look like she was just out of a stroll – crushing my confidence in her wake!!!! Don’t you just hate it when that happens? Like I said, I know I’m slow, but when I’m feeling fast for once in my life, I could do without having my slowness rubbed in my face!!!! One day missy – I will be as fast as you – just you wait and see! Ahem! 😉

Anyway, all this thinking about pacing lately has led me to do some sums. I have a half marathon coming up in a few weeks time and I would really like to get under 3 hours this time. But my bigger challenge is to aim to do the Great North Run in Sept in under 2.5 hours – a huge cut in my current times (current PB (don’t laugh!) 3 hrs 01 min). This means I need to be running an average pace of 6.82 min/km. Not too huge a distance from my 7.13 min/km – but at the moment I have no hope of maintaining a pace like that for that length of distance. So, I have a way to go yet!

But seriously though, maybe I am giving myself a bit of a hard time! When I started out running I was closer to 10-11 min/km – so for me, this is a vast improvement. One piece of running advice I read once, which perhaps I should heed is: Don’t compare your speed to that of others. It is your own personal improvements that count! So, on that note, perhaps things aren’t so bad after all!!!

5 thoughts on “Pace myself”

  1. That is exactly what happened to me – on lap 12 of the half marathon – by someone in a huge fancy dress costume!!! I didn’t care as I was so pleased to have nearly finished my first marathon.. Your last paragraph sums it up…bettering yourself is the greatest achievement of all :~) x

  2. Ballsy flash fiction up above! (oops I can’t find the comment box for that so I’m here instead!). Love the reference to Greek St. Very poetic. If it’s the Greek St (Waterloo-ish??) I’m thinking of I can picture all this happening clearly like a film. Script it!!

      1. I reckon take your time but keep it on the back burner (script!) it could be a short film if you wanted. I found Ideastap website really helpful to get some bearings on workshops etc. But I reckon you can already see it in your mind. Do go for it! (in your own pace of course! don’t rush it)

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