WP Daily Prompt: Obstacle Course

I recently signed up for WordPress email updates so I could take part in their weekly writing challenge. However, I generally just ignore the ‘daily prompts’, choosing to rather stay on track with the overall purpose of my blog and not get too waylaid by ‘other stuff’! But, when I got the WordPress daily prompt through this morning, I did a double take; the title of which is ‘Obstacle Course’. Aha, I thought – perfect for some reminiscing on another one of my favourite past-times – getting cold, wet and muddy in the middle of god knows where! 😉 However, on closer inspection, it turns out that they weren’t prompting a ramble on my latest zombie runs, wolf runs and the like – phew, I here you say! But instead the challenge is …..

‘Think about what you wanted to accomplish last week. Did you? What are the things that hold you back from doing everything you’d like to do? ‘

Perfect! The timing of which couldn’t be better. As it is the beginning of a fresh new week, I was planning to reflect on last weeks activities. So it all ties in beautifully together – and I can kill two birds with one stone so to speak! 🙂

So where am I at? Well, for those of you who follow my ‘almost daily’ updates – I think things have been going pretty well in the challenge department overall. However, saying that, I’m not feeling 100% positive about last week’s achievements (or lack of!).

Sneaky McDonalds
Sneaky McDonalds

Shall I start with the weight?! I have a rather unhealthy attachment to my scales at the moment. I know it’s not the best idea to weigh-in every morning, but I can’t seem to stop myself. So, Friday morning (after a whole bottle of wine – the night before!) I step on the scales. Okay, looking alright, another 1 lb down this week I think to myself. But, as Saturday is officially my weigh in day, I will hold off celebrating until the following morning! Saturday morning and the official weigh in day arrives. I stand on the scales …. low and behold – I am 2 lbs heavier than the day before (what the f**k!!!! – please excuse the language!). So, now I’m not happy … wondering what the point of all this dieting and exercising is!!!! So what do I do? Go on a blow out … eat a yummy McDonalds burger for dinner … write the day off … and plan to start again with good intentions on Sunday! 🙂 I am pleased to announce that I am now back on track. (and my sneaky peek at the scales this morning is weighing me lighter than Friday – long may it continue!!!!).

A bit healthier on Sunday night!
A bit healthier on Sunday night!

Which leads me on to one of my under-way challenges this week …. give up alcohol for 4 weeks! Eeeek!! After struggling a bit on Friday after my bottle of wine the night before, I felt it was time to purge my body of the evil toxins! Not only does it make me feel rubbish, but it also throws my will power out of the window ….. I must step away from the mini Cadbury chocolate fingers!!!! 🙂 So, for the sake of my diet and my fitness, let the challenge begin! I am now on day 4 and so far I haven’t even had a twinge of missing it … but talk to me again after Saturday (my 3 year old is having his birthday party!!!).

Just before heading out for a stock up on healthy food at the weekend I stumbled upon this great Facebook clean eating group. It’s something I have thought about in the past, and also something I hope to trial out myself at some point (see challenge 54). After checking out the group, I was pleasantly surprised to see some very yummy looking recipes. I was sorely tempted to start the challenge this week – until the OH put paid to that idea and in the process reminded me I had just stocked the cupboard full of Weightwatchers cakes and crisps! Oh well, with further thought it might have been a bit ambitious to jump straight in at the moment. So instead I think I might start dropping the odd ‘clean’ meal into my days here and there. Last nights dinner was pretty good going – Chicken breast stuffed with mozarella, cherry tomatoes and red onion, accompanied with roasted mediterranean vegetables and a rocket side salad. Even the OH said it was ‘quite nice’!!!! There may be hope of converting him to healthy eating yet!!!! 🙂

The running hasn’t been too great last week either! My stomach has been feeling a bit off for most of the week – with me having to leg it to Tescos toilets mid run for a pit stop on Wednesday night! Not great!!! So, even the running has been a bit slow. I am currently atme on treadmill a year to date total of 48 miles, which is slightly short of the 80 miles I need to be averaging to hit my 1000 miles this year! Oooops!!! Might have to start marathon training later on in the year after all; just to make up lost mileage!!! The good news is – I have ‘borrowed’ my Dad’s treadmill, which he doesn’t use anymore. So after a bit of a sort out in the garage … it has now taken up post in it’s rightful new home! I’m hoping that I can clock a few sneaky extra miles when the little one is asleep!

Ooooh …. and very exciting. I have just finished my first ever short story (‘The Medium’) and submitted it to Spinetinglers monthly writing competition (challenge 19 completed). Wish me luck! 🙂

So watch this space … some goodies coming up shortly:

  • A review of the new Panache Sports Bra – my new ‘over the shoulder boulder holder’!!!!
  • An update on my sponsor a child challenge
  • My latest book review – be patient …. this books taking me a while (thanks Rob!)

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