I treated myself ….. and completed challenge 61 whilst I was at it!

new trainersCheck these beauties out!!!! 😉

I am mega happy with this new addition to my running wardrobe.  A new pair of trainers has been on the agenda for a while and to be honest is long overdue. So, I thought it was about time I invested in some ‘proper’ running shoes. In the past I have always made do with reasonably priced run-of-the-mill jobbies from Sports Direct (or the like)! And so far I haven’t done too badly out of them … until the last pair! Since buying my latest Adidas trainers (from Sports Direct) in November I have developed a growing list of aches, pains and ailments! Sore hip – check, toes rubbing – check, lower back ache – check, oh and a bit of shin pain here and there too to boot! I guess I have been putting my body under extra strain since increasing my mileage over the last few months. So, before I permanently start to feel like an old granny, I thought I best bite the bullet and tick off challenge number 61 as complete (get a gait analysis and buy my first proper pair of running shoes)!

advance performanceSo, off I toddled to Advance Performance in Peterborough. I have been desperate to get a gait analysis done for gait analysisages, but have had to work myself up to justifying the expenditure of a posh new pair of trainers! 😉 Having been waiting patiently for pay-day to arrive, when it got here I couldn’t get in the car quick enough to head off to the running shop. And, do you know what? It was a really enlightening experience. It turns out that I am an overpronator and needed a fairly strong supported shoe. Watching the difference in my gait (which they filmed whilst I ran on a treadmill) between different shoes was quite fascinating – I think I underestimated the impact a shoe has! Check out the picture on the right to see the difference between an overpronator (right one) and a good neutral gait (left one). So, I left a happy woman, with my new shoes in hand. £105 lighter and having nearly rid myself of the OH (who still hasn’t recovered from the shock of the cost!).

So the guy who served me says …. ‘try wearing them around the house and walking about in them for a couple of days before taking them for a run’! Sod that ….. you can’t give a girl a new toy and expect her not to want to try it out straight away. So I was off, only for a short run though, to give them a little test drive this evening. Wow – huge difference! My running style has adjusted quite a bit and I had muscles aching in my calves that I didn’t know I had! I guess it will take my body a little while to adjust to the shoes, and the shoes to adjust to me. Another plus – I definitely felt less aggravation in my hip from the offset. So, I am confident that, with a bit of wearing in, these could be the best trainers I have ever had. Here’s to some happy running with my new perfect match (for the next 500 miles or so anyway)!

Big Tick – Challenge 61 complete – another one bites the dust! 😉

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