BLEURGH – that’s how I feel about today! I’m not feeling very inspirational I’m afraid, in fact I think it’s safe to say that I am in need of a big kick up the bum! I know it’s natural to have the odd ‘off’ day, so I’m attempting to keep things in perspective and hoping to start tomorrow with a fresh burst of motivation. But for now, it’s time for a good old moan!! 😉

I think my over zealous run on Sunday has sent my body into protest! I had a couple of rest days afterwards, then headed out for a slow 5K yesterday. I felt fine at the time, but today I have been hobbling about like an old granny – aching all over!  So, a run today might not be the best idea! Saying that though, after half-an-hour of a screaming toddler in my ear I am seriously considering a short plod around the block just to get some ‘head space’!

I get very frustrated with myself if I can’t run, which then tends to manifest itself as a ‘low mood’ slump! Which inevitably means raiding my little boys goody cupboard! Oh dear – there were some remarkably yummy looking flapjacks (my favourite!) and an interesting looking Cadbury egg and spoon chocolate thingy (which I can highly recommend!). So with my Weightwatchers points pretty much blown out of the water for the week, I am on rations for the next couple of days! 😦 It’s also taking all the will-power I can muster not to mooch round to Tescos and invest in a nice bottle of white wine! I’m salivating at the thought! But I am exercising what self-control I have left and hanging onto my diet by a fine thread.

Oh, and while I’m on one, did I mention I’ve got a verruca on my heel as well?! I’ve not had one of them since I was a kid. The joys of children – they share literally everything with you! Thanks Jack! 😉 I’m attacking it early with some verruca treatment in the hope it will clear up nice and quick (famous last words!).

Right – that’s enough the whingeing for one day! 🙂

On a plus note, I came across this great gal on my internet travels. She’s made a video of her journey losing loads of weight. I think she’s fab and just what I need to remind myself to pull myself together and get back in the saddle! 🙂 Click on the picture below to check her video out….

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